Drone Technology Landscape Preview

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Snapshot of the patent situation of the industry


Patent families


Patent families with grants

Top Patented Applications

For many years, drones were developed and used for military purposes only. Thanks to the miniaturization and the emergence of new technologies, UAVs have now conquered industry and the general public with numerous applications.

The Boston Consulting Group estimates the market for drone products and services in Europe and the US to be more than $35 billion by 2030, with more than 1 million drones in use.


Patent Destinations

China with 48’698 patent families is the largest patent destination in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. The Unites States ranks second with 7’108 patent families, followed by the PCT (5’712) and European procedure (2’453)


Patent Filing Trend

Patenting activity overtime shows that growth in unmanned aerial vehicles patent filings has increased each year since 2012