Multidisciplinary highly
qualified team in project


More than 25 years of
experience in the IP


Experts in search and
synthesis of strategic


Specialists in software
development related to

Who we are

enovating SA, a Swiss company specialized in search and synthesis of strategic information, has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team in project and innovation management.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of intellectual property, our expertise can serve all companies and innovative institutions, from startups to multinationals.

What we do

enovating SA has developed an innovative method for searching and synthesizing strategic and technological information based on modern project management technics.

This unique method allows our customers to get a focused result in a short time at controlled costs. The results are provided through a secure electronic platform allowing to share and enrich documents.



Finding the right information to make the best strategic decisions throughout the innovation process is a real challenge.

enovating offers a unique method of search and synthesis of strategic information.

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With the globalization of markets and the evolution of technologies, the control of strategic information is vital.

enovating provides the necessary tools to respond effectively to your information needs.

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Asian Information

More than a third of the patents published worldwide come from Asia and more than a fifth of these patents are written in Chinese.

enovating provides access and understanding of this valuable source of information.

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Intellectual Property is value-creating, strategic management of a patent portfolio is a key success factor for companies.

enovating assists you in setting up and evaluating your technology monitoring.

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New generation platform

enobox allows you to collect, analyze and share your strategic information in a new generation platform. No longer be buried under the data, enobox makes it easy to configure, for each innovation project information flows controlled and sized according to your needs. enobox integrates the latest artificial intelligence technologies to help the user to select and categorize information. > Learn more

Easy to Use

Fast, modern & intuitive
user interface

Cost Effective

Scalable, no setup fees,
free upgrades


Data stored on secure, updated
and backed-up servers

enobox AI

More than 2500 GB of data are produced every second in the world. Traditional information search and analysis techniques are no more adapted to deal with this explosion of data.

enobox produces high quality information flows by combining specialists’ expertise with Artificial Intelligence such as semantic web, natural language processing, machine learning systems or neural networks algorithms.



Loyalty, honesty, respect and ethics in our actions. Respect our commitments and be responsible for our actions, successes and failures. To ensure the confidentiality and the security of the information of our customers.


Accessibility, ease of use. Save time by maximizing each step. Bring flexibility and increase performance.

enable innovating


Satisfaction of our customers and respect of the deadlines. Fully understand the needs, challenges, objectives and maximize the value of our services. Openly communicate all relevant information in a consistent and constructive manner.